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Welcome to my website!

Some thoughts from famous artists!

 Paul Cezanne -- "We live in a rainbow of chaos. "

 Vincent Van Gogh -- "Paintings have a life of their own that derives from the painter's soul. "

 Henry Moore -- "There's no retirement for an artist, it's your way of living so there's no end to it."

Maggie Barnes - Bio & Resume


Art is a journey of self-exploration and challenge.  I find the outcome of my work is often liberating and enlightening. Having a love for a wide spectrum of art from abstract to realism my art is a celebration of diversity. It is also self confronting to stretch myself to achieve higher goals with each new piece of work.  Art is a magical experience and passion, it happens when time ceases to exist for me.


My studio is currently located in my home.  I create my art with multiple mediums including oil and acrylic paints on canvas, wood and museum board. Commissioned work includes portraits, digital art and photo restoration.  I also enjoy doing digital art and photography, sculpture and linoleum cuts.

In addition to creating my own art I have taught children for many years to express themselves artistically using all manner of techniques including painting with acrylics and watercolors, drawing, sculpture and printing.

My work is featured in private and corporate collections across the USA and England.  My work has been in galleries in San Francisco and Sonoma & Napa counties, in Omaha my work has been on display at The Frame Service, The Avenue, Heller Art Images, The Designers, Field Club Annual Art Show and The Chamber of Commerce.  Currently my work is on display at Bizarre Gallery at Village Point.  Check back to see updates lists of Galleries and Events.


I have returned to Omaha after many years in California, my former memberships were the Petaluma Arts Association (board member and chairman of several committees), Petaluma Arts Council, the Sebastopol Center for the Arts, Valley of the Moon, Marin Artisans and Healdsburg, Napa & Sonoma Arts Associations. 


2007   Chamber of Commerce—Local Artists Show (Omaha, NE)

2007  The Designers - Spring Show (Omaha, NE)

2007   Field Club Annual Art Show and Fundraiser (Omaha, NE)

2007  The Frame Service - Local Artists Show (Omaha, NE)

2006  The Frame Service—Local Artists Show (Omaha, NE)

2006  The Designers—Fall Show (Omaha, NE)

2006  The Avenue—Christmas Show (Omaha, NE)

2006  Gallery One—juried show (Petaluma, CA)

2006  Spirit of Color—Co-chair (Petaluma, CA)

2006   Petaluma Post featured artist on cover page

2005  Mail Depot PAC Valentine Show (Petaluma, CA)

2005  Art & Garden Show in Petaluma

2005  Hatchery Artists Open Studio (Petaluma, CA)

2005  PAA Art in the Park (Petaluma, CA)

2005  Art & Jazz on the River (Petaluma, CA)

2005  Gallery One—juried “Almost White” (Petaluma, CA)

2005  Bank of Marin PAA Show (Petaluma, CA)

2005  Petaluma Valley Hospital “Animals”

2005  Petaluma Coffee Company PAC Members Show

2005  Bank of Marin “Spirit of Color” (Petaluma, CA)

2005  Copperfields “Spirit of Color” on display (Petaluma, CA)

2005  Diablo Canyon Wine Gallery (San Francisco, CA)

2005  PAA Museum Show (Petaluma, CA)

2004  Bank of Marin PAA show (Petaluma, CA)

2004  Bank of Marin juried poster contest 2nd place (Petaluma, CA)

2004  Bank of Marin Spirit of Color (Petaluma, CA)

2004  Actify Inc. Corporate Offices (San Francisco, CA)

2004  Marin Medical Offices—solo show (Greenbrae, CA)

2004  Petaluma Coffee Company—”Going Digital Show”

2004  PAA & PAC Petaluma History Museum show (Petaluma, CA)

2004  PAA Open Studios (Petaluma, CA)

2004  Gallery One juried show “Anticipating Spring” (Petaluma, CA)

2004  PAA Art in the Park (Petaluma, CA)

2004  Healdsburg Art Guild juried Spring Show (Healdsburg, CA)

2003  Healthy Community Consortium – solo show (Petaluma, CA)

2003  PAA Library Show (Petaluma, CA)

2003  Petaluma Arts Association - Open Studios

2003  Dempsey's – solo show (Petaluma, CA)

2003  Petaluma Arts Association Art in the Park

2003  Sonoma County Salute to the Arts—Juried Show (Sonoma, CA)

2003  Petaluma Arts Assoc. Luchessi Show

2003  Marin Medical Offices—two solo shows (Greenbrae, CA)

2002  Arts Council – First Show (Petaluma, CA)

2002  Gallery One, juried show– Back to Basics (Petaluma, CA)

2002  Arts Council – Fantasy Show (Petaluma, CA)

2002  Heller Art Images – Digital Prints (Omaha, NE)

2002  Petaluma Art in the Park

2002  Valley of the Moon – Vintage Festival (Napa, CA)

2002  Petaluma Arts Council – Art Around Town

2002  Petaluma Arts Council – Cinnabar Fundraiser

2002  Petaluma Arts Council – Embracing Living with Dying

2002  Gallery One – Think Red juried show (Petaluma, CA)

2001  Open Studios, Petaluma, Ca

2001  Petaluma Art in the Park

2001  Sebastopol Center for the Arts – members show (Sebastopol, CA)

2001  Marin Artisans – Farmers Market (San Rafael, CA)

2001  Petaluma Arts Council – Day of the Dead

2001  Gallery One – juried show,  Petaluma Scenes (Petaluma, CA)

2001  Gallery One – juried show, Think Red Show (Petaluma, CA)


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All Art and Images are Copyright Maggie Barnes 2007

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